Wayne Hagin

  1. When Plan A fails, go put 100% of your effort into Plan B.

  2. It wasn’t just the thrill of calling the game, it was the ambassadorship.

  3. You are looking at someone who has never worked a day in his life because I had passion for what I was doing.

  4. Be grateful, especially for the one’s who inspired and helped you.

  5. Send Thank You notes, especially handwritten ones.

  6. Envision your success. It does work.

  7. I do believe that the heart does push you to achieve.

  8. Perception isn’t always reality. You do learn things as you go along.

  9. When people get in (their dream job), they never walk away.

  10. This is where I wanted to be. This is my state.

  11. Go through it and don’t be afraid. Commitment knows no off-season.