Tony Carnesi

1. Empower your people to get to where you want to go.

2. Share what you are blessed with.

3. Consider building a company by agents, for agents.

4. You don't have to have a large marketing budget to build your company. Hire quality people who will help grow your brand.

5. Get your people to collaborate and share to help make everyone more productive and successful.

6. Consider being a training, coaching, and consulting company. Encouragement goes a long way. 

7. If you were missing 210 agents or employees because of a disaster, what would you do to benefit others?

8. We are in a place where everything is working for the market and coming together to further support it.

9. We have to build one million new homes per year to keep up with current market demands.

10. The hurricanes in Houston and Florida impact home availabity in Colorado. 

11. Be passionate about building people up, and having them achieve the biggest life they can as a servant leader. Build the bench.