Tom Clark

  1. Denver had 171 days of ‘kill you’ air.

  1. Denver was the second most polluted city in the country. But we were the only city in the country who cared about changing it. And by 1995, we had gotten off of all the major watch lists.

  2. Sometimes you think you are the Magnificent 7, but sometimes you need to be the Crazy 8 to get things done.

  3. If you don’t have a vibrant center of a city, people think the whole market is in trouble.

  4. Coors Field catalyzed downtown.

  5. You need to build your infrastructure a hundred years ahead.

  6. We can do better things if we are willing to have a conversation.

  7. If you have a regional ethic where everyone gets something, no one loses.

  8. We built the infrastructure to meet the dream, and then we met it and stood around and said, ‘now what?'

  9. All this happened in about 20 years which is astonishing. But we did it by thinking differently. Big tent with lots of ideas.