President, Colorado Mining Association

Dempsey has served as the President of the Colorado Petroleum Association (CPA) for over 17 years representing all aspects of the oil and gas industry before the Colorado General Assembly and state regulatory agencies.  In the 17 years Dempsey led CPA, Colorado’s oil and gas industry experienced tremendous growth in oil and gas production while facing extensive legislative and regulatory challenges. He is now the current president of the Colorado Mining Association as of August 2016. 

Dempsey was selected after a nationwide search and he has a family connection to the CMA. His father Stan Dempsey Sr. was chairman of the association in 1980.

The CMA, started in 1876, represents more than 900 members who have a hand in the mining of coal, gold, molybdenum, sodium bicarbonate, gypsum, limestone, uranium and other metals and minerals.

Mining activity generates $3 billion a year in revenues in the state and miners are among the highest paid industrial workers in Colorado, the association said.

Colorado currently ranks 10th among the states in the production of clean coal, 4th in gold, and 1st in molybdenum.   The state is also a significant source of pure sodium bicarbonate, gypsum, limestone, and uranium.  Overall, mining generates about $3 billion in revenue and billions more in overall economic benefits.   Mine workers are among the highest paid industrial workers in Colorado.