OC Podcast Overview & Questions

Brian will kick off the podcast by giving a brief overview of who you are… (Ex. Name, Title, Organization, etc.)  He will then ask you to elaborate further and tell us a little more about yourself.  Example topics that you may like to cover include, but are not limited to: Telling us more about your organization; Where you were born; Details regarding your family (spouse, # of children, etc); An overview of your professional background; etc.


What is your favorite quote/saying… and why?


When you were a child… what did you want to be “when you grew up?”


What is the best advice you have ever received?


What is your favorite and/or most highly recommended book… and why?


What is your definition of success?


What is your favorite movie… and why?


Tell us about one of your proudest professional moments.


What do you believe is the biggest challenge or threat facing our Country/World?


If you could make one change in order to make the largest positive impact in our Country, World, or your business/industry, what would that be?


Who are some of your mentors, whether living or historical?


What is the best way for our listeners to learn more about you and your organization online? (Ex. Website; Twitter name, Up and coming events; etc.)


What “parting advice” / ”golden nuggets of wisdom” do you have for our listeners?


Interview Dial-in Details:
Dial-in: 1(800) 511-7985
Access Code: 808-5307
Moderator/Subscriber Record: *9


NOTE: The Opportunity Coalition Podcast encourages natural, free-flowing conversation.  Please let us know ahead of time if there are any questions on the aforementioned list that you would like to remove.

After your episode is recorded and mastered it will be shared with you and will require your approval before going live.  (Your episode will not go live until it’s been approved by you).