Priscilla Negreanu

Priscilla was born in Bucharest, Romania. She is an alumna of the University of Colorado Denver and a Colorado media veteran.  

Priscilla Negreanu is the CEO and Founder of Conexiune, a privately held sales and marketing firm headquartered in Denver, CO. Conexiune, is dedicated to generating new business opportunities and building high-value connections for respected national and global business leaders. Priscilla’s passion is to connect brands to people with business opportunities that create human connection. 

Priscilla started her career as an advertising executive for Tribune Media, where she managed and sold multi-million dollar advertising solutions across multiple platforms including broadcast, digital, social, and strategic partnerships to local and national key accounts including, but not limited to: Bank of the West, Furniture Row, Bachus and Schanker, The Salvation Army, Macy’s, and Whole Foods. 

Before founding Conexiune, Priscilla worked at Comcast Spotlight as an advertising executive and developed the "Mountains of Opportunity" TV Show in partnership with Northstar Commercial Partners, based on the initiatives of Opportunity Coalition, to highlight the exciting things the great entrepreneurs and people of Colorado are doing in the nonprofit and for-profit spaces.The show aired on Fox News and other high profiles News networks including CNN, Headline News, CNBC, and MSNBC. Additionally, Priscilla provided local market multi-channel advertising opportunities to clients including 50+ cable networks (ESPN, HGTV, Discovery, History, Travel, etc.), telco, satellite, digital, and on-site promotions.   

Priscilla serves as a founding member of 5280 Echelon, a community of diverse young adults collectively rising up to serve The Salvation Army through volunteering, networking, and fundraising. She also serves as a Basics Team business and life skills coach dedicated to coaching, teaching, and mentoring Denver’s homeless population.