Cobina Lartson, the Founder and CEO of Afrikmall, discusses his vision to share the African culture with our community with Brian Watson, the Founder and CEO of the Opportunity Coalition.

"Recently, I was invited to speak to a group of MBA students at Regis University. After sharing the story of how I founded Northstar Commercial Partners/The Opportunity Coalition and my passion to create jobs, opportunity, empowerment, and Freedom for ALL people in our State and Country, I encouraged them to follow their own passions to create a better world. Please watch this short video and let me know what are some of your passions and goals that could benefit others…?” - Brian Watson, the Founder and CEO of The Opportunity Coalition.

We are pleased to announce that our Founder and CEO, Brian Watson, recently joined The Chair's Roundtable of The Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry (CACI). As Colorado's State Chamber of Commerce, Brian will also be serving on CACI's Government Affairs, Energy & Environment Councils, to help positively impact the State and its people.

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On the Opportunity Coalition Podcast our Founder and CEO, Brian Watson, will be interviewing some of the most accomplished and well respected influencers from around the world.

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We are proud to announce that our Founder & CEO has been selected to join The Leadership Program of the Rockies 2015 Class. LPR is a positive, impactful organization that helps equip leaders to serve throughout the U.S.

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What a great event at the Opportunity Coalition tonight! Thanks to Josh Stewart, Founder and CEO of the world class XJet organization for sharing his passion, life lessons, and positive encouragement for all entrepreneurs and attendees! Please feel free to join us at our next event in October with CU President Bruce Benson! Learn more at

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When speaking of his daughter, four-time Olympic Gold medalist Missy, Richard Franklin emphasizes the importance of not only having talent but also of putting in the effort to be successful.