Opportunity Coalition Announces Major Partnership with University of Colorado for Future Events and Continued Growth

Denver, CO || Monday, October 1, 2018 — Colorado’s Opportunity Coalition announced new plans to partner with University of Colorado’s Executive Programs to host future events at its impressive CU South Denver campus (featuring an iMax Theater, art gallery, great hall and café inside along with picturesque architecture, landscaping and sculptures surrounding the exterior). The Opportunity Coalition is one of Colorado’s leading nonprofit organizations, featuring local thought and culture leaders who facilitate dialogue and action toward positive growth and the future of the state.

Founder, Brian Watson, described the move as a significant moment for the Opportunity Coalition, now and in the future:

“This is personally meaningful to me as CU grad and proud supporter of our educational system here in Colorado. I’m thrilled to see this partnership come to fruition and the new season of growth as well as increased exposure this will bring for Opportunity Coalition from CU and vice versa.”

Watson said that joining forces with CU will increase reach and visibility to new audiences, attract additional high-caliber speakers and influencers, as well as provide greater educational benefit to the business community and those seeking career advancing learning opportunities. 

Logistically, the collaborative will allow for the continued growth the Opportunity Coalition has seen in its event attendance in recent years. After spending the last year at a prominent downtown venue, CU South Denver will offer extensive free parking for event guests, convenient access to the I-25, I-225, and E-470 corridors, and can easily accommodate events for as many as 800 guests as the Opportunity Coalition continues to grow. 

“We’re incredibly grateful for the generosity and forward-thinking of CU and their Executive Programs team. Together, we will continue to bring people together to make a real and positive impact in Colorado and beyond,” Watson concluded.

Learn more at www.opportunitycoalition.com and sign up to receive notice of all upcoming events.