Pete Coors

  1. Every job is important, every job in a company.

  2. (Regarding a new position) Go learn about it and help us out.

  3. When someone asks you if you’re for sale, consider answering with, ‘No, I thought I would buy you!’

  4. $1.7 billion was a lot of money in those days.

  5. We realized we couldn’t stay the same. We had to grow.

  6. When trying to close a deal, it helps to have others reinforce your brand.

  7. If you can’t sign the check, ask to push the button.

  8. Have a soft-spot for non-profits that you wish to support.

  9. Once you get more experience, you become too busy. Do it now.

  10. Our generation cared about the next generation and now there are many who only care about themselves and today.