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CEO, Prime Capital Solutions

Michael loves finding niches for new businesses and filling a gap where needed. To that end, after 10 years with Wall Street (Merrill Lynch) he started Bonus Book, a coupon book sold as a fundraiser by Boy Scouts, schools, Special Olympics and Muscular Dystrophy in Austin, TX. Upon selling Bonus Book, he moved back to his beloved Colorado and Founded Harvard Mortgage Group, a mortgage banking company, and then Vanguard National Mortgage and Title until June 2008. He served for five years on the Boards of the Colorado Association of Mortgage Brokers (incoming, current and immediate past-President) and the National Association of Mortgage Brokers.

In August 2008, Michael consulted with and became National Sales Manager of TransBioTec, a startup, where he assisted with Wall Street and other sources to capitalize the company. The product of TransBioTec was SOBR (Sobriety OnBoard Recorder), a finger tip sensor wired to the starter of cars, trucks, etc. that detected alcohol in the blood of drivers, preventing the engine from starting.

In 2012, Michael started Prime Capital Connections, a consulting firm that assists entrepreneurs in finding capital to start or to expand a business.