1. Nobody starts at the top. 

2. I have never wanted to forget where I came from.

3. If you only look at what you haven't accomplished vs. what you have, you will never be happy. 

4. All I had were my thoughts and my dreams.

5. These things are for other people- we don't do those things. I had to learn to pave my own way.

6. No where in the end did it state "position leads to CEO."

7. If I know you're ready, you better know that you are ready.

8. I had to permanently get rid of 'that message'. 

9. First you have to cut the fat, then you have to cut into the muscle, then you have to cut the bone.

10. The normal business rules didn't apply- I had to think on my feet all the time. 

11. I am now focusing on filling up my spirit vs. my wallet. 

12. Take time to turn off the brain.