1.     By the year 2040 7.8 million people will call Colorado home what challenges and opportunities will this present to you?

3.     Our success has really been based on partnerships since the beginning.

4.     Three times we tried to secure one developer and we ended up with 23 developers.

5.     Colorado households are spending 30% of their income on housing alone which removes over two-billion dollars of buying power in the economy

6.     We have got to convince people that you can earn a great living without earning a four-year college degree.

7.     30% of Westminster won’t be developed.

8.     If you don’t take care of what you got it becomes a weed patch.

9.     Depending on how much you clean up you receive a statue of golden poop.

10.  What can you do for your community?

11.  Stop talking, listen.