Heather Callender-Potters
Co-Founder, Vice-Chairman and Chief Business Development Officer of PharmaJet

Heather Callender-Potters is Co-Founder, Vice-Chairman and Chief Business Development Officer of PharmaJet, a needle-free injection technology focused on immunizations.

Heather has 25 years of Private Equity fund management and international investment experience across multiple jurisdictions.  Her experience started in 1991 when she moved to Poland, where she spent 19 years investing three closed end private equity funds, covering Central and Eastern Europe.  She’s managed individual investments and financial investor consortiums, in early stage and growth companies, ranging from $1 million to an excess of $100 million.  

She has also held board positions with several companies across a variety of industries ranging from auto-parts, to systems integration, publishing and light-manufacturing, to medical technologies.  She is member of the board of the Center for Human Rights Leadership, and Impact Charitable, which are entities associated with making an impact in local and global issues through support of student internships and philanthropic investment.

From time to time an angel investor in companies primarily associated with health and with the ability to make a significant impact, she has involvement with three brain health companies:  Cerescan, a unique brain imaging and diagnosis technology company; Curemark, a fellow Spring Board company, which has a unique treatment for autism; and DemeRX, also a Spring Board company, with a treatment for opioid addiction.  Heather has a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Management from Claremont McKenna College and an MBA from Wharton, the University of Pennsylvania.