Heather Callender-Potters

1.     There are three-billion immunizations per year we will be growing from 37-billion to 100-billion in spend proper immunization is crucial to economic welfare.

2.     Vaccines are the least expensive form of preventative health even more so than clean water

3.     The W.H.O estimates that 50% of the vaccine injections done in the world are unsafe

4.     Faith, security, and family

5.     I learned that those that survive and are successful are relient think outside the box, never give up, and ask for help

6.     I learned that force major happens frequently

7.     If you get the snot knocked out of you, get up and keep swinging

8.     Chart a new course, establish new goals:

a.     Cultivate collaborations

b.     Prove utility

c.     Validate data

d.     Demonstrate acceptance

9.     We don’t have to prove that our product works better we just have to prove non inferiority.

10.  It is a matter of perspective, you can see the glass half full and fill it the rest of the way. Technically the glass is always full it may be half with water and half with air but it is always full.