Doug Simons

  1. The legacy of community service: oftentimes, people believe that business people or entrepreneurs aren't really involved supporting their community.  I would say the opposite is true. These are the people who are employing individuals so they can go achieve their dreams. These are the people who are re-investing in the community. These are the people who are really making a positive difference.

  2. I also want to look at the other side. Oftentimes, we only think about the success of things and things are supposed to always go well. But as Simons said, “Out of the ashes comes success." I want to encourage each of you in your own lives to embrace those obstacles. Be thankful for those obstacles. They make us better and stronger. And frankly, they make us more compassionate. So that when you’re back up on that hill, you’re always serving those around you and being a resource to them.