Chris Wright

  1. 1.3 billion people in the world have no access to electricity.

  2. The oil industry saved the whales.

  3. Everywhere hydrocarbon has arrived, there was a massive increase in the environmental condition and the quality of human life.

  4. Einstein was the second-best scientist of all time.

  5. Americans are good at building stuff.

  6. Less than 100 acres in Pennsylvania produces more energy than all the windmills in England.

  7. U.S. energy costs have become so low that it offsets the cheap labor costs of other countries like China which makes us more competitive to create more U.S. jobs.

  8. Almost all breakthroughs in the industry have been accomplished through American ingenuity.

  9. You can’t have innovation without market forces. The dominant beneficiaries of free-market based innovations are the consumers.

  10. Energy matters.