The Opportunity Coalition helps to promote and facilitate a business-friendly environment that encourages free enterprise, entrepreneurship and collaboration. Its intent is to create more opportunity, quality employment, and connections for Colorado's citizens.

The Opportunity Coalition was created for business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, public servants and concerned citizens. The Opportunity Coalition strives to provide the platform, resources, and connections needed to help people succeed. In today's economy, the Opportunity Coalition provides leadership, collaboration and support to help grow businesses and create economic vitality.

The Opportunity Coalition is a nonprofit social welfare organization operating pursuant to IRC 501(c)(4).*  Note: contributions or gifts to the Opportunity Coalition are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes.

Photo Credit: Michael Kirsh

Photo Credit: James Stewart

Photo Credit: Michael Kirsh

In Colorado, there are three regions: the Western Slope, the Mountains and the Front Range. Unfortunately, business people in these areas may not have the opportunity to interact or collaborate to the degree they could. The Opportunity Coalition seeks to create networking events in each region, for people throughout the state to meet, work together and discuss new business ideas. The Opportunity Coalition strives to address the following three issues that impede positive job growth in Colorado:

1. Education

Developing quality options in K-12, promoting access to useful vocational training, establishing college level affordability, and retraining of older employees to provide relevant skills to the modern work environment.

2. Entrepreneurship

Promoting entrepreneurial skill sets, knowledge and access in all age groups, from urban to rural communities and everything in between.

3. Business Environment

Understanding and creating a business-friendly environment throughout the state, in our legislature and in our schools. The Opportunity Coalition creates connection opportunities between those in business, politics, academia and non-profits. This provides a venue for communication, entrepreneurial opportunities and better understanding among and between constituencies. The voice and concerns of business, entrepreneurs, employees, and thought leaders must be heard in government and educational environments.

Photo Credit: Michael Kirsh

Photo Credit: Michael Kirsh

The Opportunity Coalition will promote the ideals of free markets, capitalism, Constitutional values and liberty. It has the potential to catalyze opportunity for you, your business, communities and our state.

Who should get involved with the Opportunity Coalition?

Business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, thought leaders, legislators, concerned citizens and anyone who wants to make a positive impact in Colorado!  

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