Host, The Aaron Harber Show

Aaron Harber hosts “The Aaron Harber Show TM”

(HarberTV.com andbit.ly/ShowDemo) and “The Aaron Harber ShowColorado Business News TM” --- seen on KCDO-TV (K3 Colorado --- Channel 3), COMCAST Entertainment Television (CET), KPXC-TV (ION Television, ION Media Networks), other cable and satellite channels, and the Web.  

From 2002 to 2009, Aaron served as the host of “The Aaron Harber Show” on KBDI-TV Channel 12 (Colorado Public Television) -- a meticulous look at the issues of the day --- and its “Capitol Report” special editions.  He also has developed the concept for “Blind Justice” --- a critical examination of America’s Legal System --- which is expected to be in development for some time due to his other commitments.  

Due to the national and international focus of his program, “The Aaron Harber Show ,” in 2010 Aaron also was named the host of a new KCDO-TV (K3 Colorado Channel 3) series, titled “The Aaron Harber Show: Colorado Now!” which had  a focus on Colorado opinion- and thought-leaders, events, and organizations.

In 2014, Aaron was the moderator of “Colorado Election 2014,” the nation’s first such joint venture between a major newspaper (The Denver Post) and an over-the-air commercial television station (KCDO-TV Channel3).  The public affairs series was formally announced by The Denver Post (bit.ly/CO2014) and also was broadcast by COMCAST Entertainment Television and ION television (KPXC-TV).  To inform citizens, a record-setting total of 75 half-hour public affairs programs were produced and broadcast in the series.

In 2015, Aaron began serving as the moderator of a second statewide weekly program, “The Aaron Harber Show: Colorado Business News” on KCDO-TV Channel 3, COMCAST Entertainment Television, and ION Television.  While his regular weekly program continued to concentrate on national and international guests and issues, the focus of “Colorado Business News” was on business activity in the Rocky Mountain region, with an emphasis on economic and financial issues and stories in Colorado.  This was done in conjunction with theDenver Business Journal, the State’s primary business publication, which was a content partner in the broadcast initiative.

Aaron also is an occasional columnist for the State’s major political publication, “The Colorado Statesman,” and served in the same capacity previously for The Denver Daily News.  His writings are available on the television program’s Website -- HarberTV.com as well as at The Huffington Post (HuffingtonPost.com/aaron-harber).  His columns have been distributed by numerous publications, including The Washington Post online.